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Protecting Your Dog from Heat Stroke 09/29/20 - 12:00 pm

Warm temperatures can be hard on our four-legged family members due to the risk of heat-related illness, such as heat stroke. Here are some tips…

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Going Away for a Vacation or Stay-cation? Here’s How to Get Your Dog Ready for Boarding 09/08/20 - 12:00 pm

As much as you might like to bring the family dog along, it’s not always practical or safe to get away with your pet. Boarding…

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Signs that Your Dog Needs More Activity 08/18/20 - 12:00 pm

There are a lot of things that your dog needs to stay healthy, including nutritious food and routine check-ups with your local veterinarian. One thing…

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Signs Your Cat or Dog May Have a Dental Health Problem 07/28/20 - 12:00 pm

Many pet owners don’t think about it, but their animal companions need dental care just as much as humans do. That’s why annual dental examinations…

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Why Doggy Day Camp Is Good for Your Canine 07/07/20 - 2:30 pm

Do you wish you could spend all day with your dog, playing and interacting? While this scenario is not practical for most dog owners, there…

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August Is Itchy Pet Awareness Month 08/08/19 - 11:00 am

Did you know? Itching is the number one reason for veterinary visits by dogs.

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The Shocking Dangers Of Heatstroke 07/18/19 - 12:03 pm

Summer is here – As you get ready to enjoy the warm weather during outdoor activities and road trips with your pup.

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Preparing Your Pet for the Holidays 12/13/18 - 11:01 am

The holidays are right around the corner. Keep your pet safe and be sure to keep them away from these foods

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Link Between Diet And Heart Disease In Dogs 09/21/18 - 12:02 pm

The team at Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital would like to highlight recent findings reported in the news that there is a link between certain diets and heart disease in dogs. These reports are based on a warning issued by the FDA.

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August 15th Is Check The Chip Day! 08/01/18 - 11:04 am

What is 'Check The Chip Day' you ask? August 15th is a day to raise awareness with pet owners to register and update their pet's microchip.